Thursday, August 1, 2013


Conner was born in Austin, Texas, on May 19, 1988.
Her mother is Amy Monica Kolb and her father is John R. Gibson.

Conner disappeared on January 22, 1990, in Austin, TX, when she was only 1 year old.

She has a vertical six inch scar on her chest from heart surgery; she has a heart condition and may be in need of medical attention. She may use the last names "Austin," "Holb," or "Kolb." Was one at the time.

Circumstances: She was abducted by her non-custodial mother. Photos and vital statistics for her are not available. 

Age progression photo below:

Conner would be 25 years old today.


  1. I am not missing. This is a huge breach of my privacy. I ask that you take this post down. It is deeply upsetting and disturbing. Please take this down or I will have to take you to court. I am not missing. This is false information and is intrusive. Take down my baby photo. You not have permission to use my image and advertise false statements

  2. You need to take this down. It's untrue...i am not lost. This is harassment. This ruins my life. My friends and employers see this.

    1. I am so very sorry this kind of information is still online anywhere. I will do everything I can to have it removed, wherever I find it.

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  6. Amy Kolb, was abused by John Gibson. She was raped 3 meters from Conner in her crib when she was just under a year old.

    Conner decided as a child and as an adult not be in contact with her father despite the many efforts by Amy to get her to contact him. Amy even set up a way via a lawyer and a missing persons advocate. Conner did not want to see her father. As an adult, she refused to give her personal details to police because she did not want her father to contact her. She was an adult. That is her right. The police knew she was well and happy and that she chose not to see her father. The police actually persisted in trying to get her to contact her father. She declined.

    This is a tragic story for everyone but mostly for Conner who had to leave her home, family and friends and is constantly scarred by frivolous and untrue postings like this.

    Keeping this page up after you have been repeatedly asked to take it down because it is incorrect, is slander. It is hurtful to the victims of domestic violence who are just trying to lead as descent a life as possible. You can and will be sued if you do not remove this posting on your blog.

    Conner is not missing. You have evidence of this from a video link where the Austin police department verify Conner is not missing. Amy has never been convicted of anything which you know because you have seen the legal documents.

  7. What's very weird is that when trying to contact you via this blog, it says "blog removed". Where are you? Who are you? Why don't you make yourself available?

  8. As Conner's father, I ask that you take this information and these images down immediately. She is not lost, she is not missing, and she is no longer a child. She is an adult trying to live her life in peace. She does not need to be constantly reminded of this tragic situation. Many years ago I asked the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to drop this case, and I asked all law enforcement agencies to drop all charges. There is absolutely no reason for any of this to be online. If you truly care about missing and abused children, that is wonderful, but please direct your time and attention to them, not to Conner. You are keeping an old wound from ever healing. .. Thank you. John Gibson

  9. I did not want to do this but as the blogger refuses to take this down and google refuses too, I felt I needed to put the situation in context. Maybe someone will try a bit harder to have it removed. What is written below is the truth, every single bit of it. I could go into more detail but I'm not going to do that.

    1989- March -The Rape …continued…The Incident in Detail

    When I got home I slept on the sofa. I didn't feel like sleeping with my husband. About 8:00am I decided to go into the bed where he was sleeping. I had just put my head down on the pillow about to fall asleep when he started interrogating me "Where were you?" "Did you fuck anyone?!” Then he ripped the blankets off of me and jumped on top of me, pinning my arms to the bed. Again, he started interrogating me "Who were you with last night! Tell me!" I replied that I wasn't with anyone. I was frightened at this point. He then forced my shirt off and my underpants off saying "I want you, I'll show you” I was screaming, yelling for him to get off of me. He had quite a struggle getting my clothes off. He was angry. His face was red and tensed up yet he was so controlled in his manner, the word schizophrenic comes to mind (though I know this not to be correctly applied and an insult to those schizophrenics that would never do such a thing). It is just that this was not the man I knew. I was in a state of shock. Why was he doing this to me? He then forced himself inside me abruptly. I was crying the entire time asking/shouting for him to get off of me. He said, "I'll fuck you, you want a fuck?" This continued until he came and then he yanked himself out of me abruptly, pushing my body across the bed so that my face was smothered into the mattress. He pushed my body and face down smothering me so I couldn’t breath and I thought I might die. I was struggling and coughing and then with a yank of my head he pushed me even further into the bed and then abruptly took his hand away leaving me face down in the covers. At one point when he was raping me, I remember seeing him grinning. After he had finished, he went into the bathroom for a very long time. I just lie there in disbelief, crying and in a state of shock. It didn't seem real and yet I knew it was. I didn't know what to do. I was ashamed to tell anyone. It was not something that I would have ever expected he would do. I remember in the midst of all the crying and yelling for him to get off of me, seeing how in control he was. It was as if time stopped for a minute and everything was clear. He had my arms pinned so tightly to the bed that I could not move. His anger is what set it off but once he had me how he wanted, he just settled into this emotionless, faceless machine. He was mechanical. This is the only way I can describe him. It wasn't him. It could just well have been a stranger.

    I have given you the short, version. Our ten-month-old baby was only four yards away from where he raped me, in her crib. She must have experienced the screams and the crying. She also experienced him hitting me and throwing me up against the wall when I tried to phone the police. She was in my arms at one point while he did this. I then put her into her crib in her room so that I could call the police. We had more struggle. He threatened suicide. He said he would commit suicide if I made him leave. I called the police. The police came.

    My husband was sleeping with Lida Burris at the time that he raped me. I had never slept with anyone but him throughout our marriage. I was a devoted mother nursing a very sick baby back to good health. I was abused.